Fixed Formula GPS

Fixed Formula is implemented in DecodeRule.cs.


Ch Name CAN ID Formula
Latitude 7FF* (Data8*16777216+Data7*65536+Data6*256+Data5-90000000)/1000000
Longitude 7FF* (Data4*16777216+Data3*65536+Data2*256+Data1-180000000)/1000000
GPS Speed 7FE* (Data8*16777216+Data7*65536+Data6*256+Data5)/1000000*3600/1000
Altitude 7FE* (Data4*16777216+Data3*65536+Data2*256+Data1-1000000000)/1000000

*GPS data comes from GPSD so originally it have no CAN ID. However to treat GPS data as same as normal CAN data, MotoReco Logger intentionally added dummy CAN ID for GPS data.