In MotoReco Viewer, you can define two types of formula to convert CAN data to recognizable physical value.

  1. Fixed Formula
  2. Dynamic Formula

Fixed Formula is hard coded in MotoReco Viewer, so much faster calculation than using Dynamic Formula. Some famous channels such as engine RPM, throttle valve position and so on have been analyzed already, so we can use fixed formula for known channel.

If you want to configure fixed channel, you can browse fixed formula by clicking button right next to Formula text edit box. Then you will see fixed formula categorized by motorcycle and GPS.

The other way is define formula manually into Formula text box. Each CAN data have 8 byte data so you can use these data expressions,

  • Data1~Data8*
  • HiData1~HiData8
  • LoData1~LoData8

*Data starts from 1 to 8.

HiData* mean higher 4 bit of Data*. LoData* mean lower 4 bit of Data*.

You can combine these data expressions and following arithmetic operation symbols,

  • +
  • /
  • *
  • ()

So you can define formula like this,

  • Data1 (Just using Data1 itself.)
  • Data1+Data2
  • HiData2+Data3/4
  • (LoData4*255+Data3)*5