Install MotoReco


  1. Removing rear seat.
  2. Removing front seat.
  3. Removing number-plate carrier.
    1. Disengage and disconnect plugs for the flashing turn indicators.
    2. Remove screws.
    3. Pull down and remove number-plate carrier.
  4. Releasing rear-wheel cover.
    1. Remove screw.
    2. Pull rear-wheel cover down slightly at the rear.
  5. Installing MotoReco Logger.
    1. Disengage and disconnect plugs for anti-theft alarm system.
    2. Connect MotoReco Logger.
    3. Set GPS antenna where facing open sky and avoiding rain. I set my GPS antenna on fuel tank under the cowl. You may think put antenna on the LED headlight unit, however, there is no good because of  noise from the unit.