MotoReco Viewer


MotoReco Viewer is Windows App to visualize and analyze CAN data. MotoReco Viewer source is available from github.


MIT License


Download and unzip wherever you want to install.

Quick Usage

At first, download sample data and sample ddf file.

  1. Click Option->Ch Setting and Decode Option Dialogue will appear.
  2. Click Load button and select ddf file that you downloaded from link above.
  3. In this dialogue, you can configure how to convert data from ECU value to phï½™sical value and how to show on graph.
    1. Add button adds new channel. You must configure
      • Channel Name
      • CAN ID
      • Formula
      • Channel Color
      • Minimum physical value
      • Maximum physical value
    2. Edit button changes existing channel configuration.
    3. Delete button can delete existing channel configuration.
    4. Up and Down button moves selected item.
    5. Load button loads ddf(data definition file).
    6. Save button saves list view items to ddf file.
    7. Clear button clears list view.
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