MotoReco is Raspberry Pi Zero based CAN logger system for recent models of BMW Motorrad.  MotoReco Logger is designed as “coupler-in”* so  you just plug MotoReco Logger into DWA coupler of your motorcycle.

MotoReco is essentially just a CAN data logger** system, so you can also install MotoReco Logger to any kind of CAN bus.

*MotoReco Logger is “coupler-in” when your motorcycle is compatible to latest DWA unit of BMW Motorrad. Check DWA page.

**MotoReco Logger can record only base frame format at the moment. MotoReco Logger hardware itself is ready for extended frame format however MotoReco softwares are programmed to respond to  base frame format. (Because BMW Motorrad only uses it.)



MotoReco Logger consists of Raspberry Pi Zero, Original MotoReco Hat and GPS module.


MotoReco Logger mainly consists of 3 programs,

  1. mrlogger: This is main software recording can data while motorcycle is key on.
  2. mrserver: This program sends latest data of each CAN id as an UDP broadcast stream. In the future, I am going to make Android APP which uses these data to show real time data on smartphone.
  3. mrgpio: This is small program related with power management.

These 3 programs is running on Raspbian Buster Lite. Whole procedure of Setting up MotoReco Logger takes some time, so you can also download MotoReco Logger image.

MotoReco Logger image is configured as

  • WiFi access point, ssid:MotoReco and pass:motoreco
  • MotoReco Logger IP:
  • SSH server, login with user:pi and pass:motoreco

After 1st time login with ssh,

  • sudo raspi-config
  • go to Advanced Option
  • go to Expand Filesystem

After reboot, now MotoReco Logger become default setting.

MotoReco Viewer is windows software. MotoReco viewer allow you to visualize and analyze CAN data.


  1. Install MotoReco Logger to your motorcycle.
  2. Ride motorcycle.
  3. When you come back home, key on your motorcycle and wait MotoReco awake.
  4. MotoReco is configured as WiFi access point so just connect to ssid:MotoReco and password:motoreco.
  5. Open Windows file explorer and access “\\”. You’ll see motoreco folder and *.dat file which is logged data are there.
  6. Open data file with MotoReco Viewer to visualize or analyze.